Weekend Raids

Saturday’s raid went pretty well and it was really fun. We went back to Ulduar to do the weekly raid and then pressed on to a few bosses for the badges. We downed Flame Leviathan, Razorscale, XT, and Ignis with no wipes and minimal deaths. A good time was had by all (at least I think/hope it was). At any rate, I had a good time and got to see some less-familiar bosses and even some new (for me) bosses.

I think sometimes people forget how late I was to the whole raiding business. Many of the raiders I was running with were somewhat disappointed to be running “old content” but for me it was mostly new. Of the 4 bosses we faced, 1 of them I had only seen once (Razorscale, and that was on my mage) and another was completely new to me (Ignis). There are still bosses in Ulduar I have never seen (lots of them) and even the majority of Naxx I’ve seen only a few times (and I’ve healed less than half of it). There are only 2 raids that I’ve run enough to be actually familiar with them: OS (no drakes) and Ony.

Mostly they’ve been forgiving of my mistakes (there have been a few) but I think that some of them are still forgetting how “green” I am. Sometimes it takes me a few attempts to understand the mechanics. Videos and guides can only do so much. Nothing teaches the mechanics like actually running the fight. So, when we down a new (for me) boss, I get pretty excited. Especially when we one-shot the boss and doubly so when nobody dies. But it’s sort of a let down when I’m all ready to high-five and buddy up and most of the raid is nonchalantly sauntering away, unaware that there would be any cause for celebration: they’ve done this a dozen times before, even if not on this particular alt.

I’m not sure how Sunday’s raid(s) went because I exhibited a sad amount of extreme fail. I went to bed at 3:30am with the alarm set to wake me at 9:15am… and woke up at nearly 3:00pm. I know that if I slept that long, especially to have slept through the alarm blaring for 5 minutes before it shut itself off I must have needed it, but I hate to have left the group hanging. Really sorry about that, guys.


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