Random stuff

  • No fail pugs today. Ran 2,and I’m happy to say that both tanks were proper tanks with defense cap and an actual tanking spec. The one that I healed was so overgeared as to make things actually pretty boring. I’ve decided, though, that I’d rather have a tank that requires nothing more than the occasional renew than one who takes renew, plus shield, plus constant GHeal spam and still might die.
  • Still working on some random achievements.
  • Got the rogue to 76. The bigger he gets, the better he gets, but it’s still the same old same old: great in groups, mediocre on his own. The fragility of rogues bothers me. None of my clothies are this squishy.
  • Only 3 toons without maxed cooking, now, but have all of them at 380+ (even the two little ones).
  • Still working on maxing out First Aid for everyone. Nobody at 450 yet, but most are at 400+.
  • Fishing will take forever. One 450 fisherman, another closing in (415-ish, I think) and two more in the 300s. I’m not sure I’ll bother with maxing everyone, though, especially now that Blizz is making it so that skill doesn’t matter if you fish from a node.
  • Now have a toon with 450+ in each of the primary professions, except for Inscription. My scribe is still too small to max his professions.

Which all brings me to my final random thought of the day. I really hope Blizzard gives us an extra space or two when Catacylsm comes out. I’m going to want to roll a Worgen Druid, at the very least. I simply refuse to pay $25 to move one of my toons to a server where he won’t be played as much (I play where my friends are, you know?) and deleting a toon to make room for a new one isn’t a very attractive option, either. I only have 4 toons left that aren’t at 80, and two of them are in their 70s. Even deleting one of the two smaller ones doesn’t look attractive, since I’ve spent so much time, effort, and gold on tweaking them out. By “tweaked out” I mean they have 20-slot bags, maxed (or near) professions for their level, including cooking and first aid. That’s a lot to “throw away” by deleting a toon.


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