Alt Updates

My bear is now 71 and I’m still having a blast with the druids.  Which reminds me: if the orc warrior who was trying to gank my sister should happen to read this, thanks for letting me eat you 4 times before you figured out it was a bad idea. I needed the snack. Oh, and stack more strength, you were a little on the lean side.

My rogue is now 75 and I’m still not entirely satisfied with him. He’ll just never be the same sort of combatant that all of my other toons are. However, I’ve taken to treating every battle like a PVP battle and things are running smoother (if not much quicker). Starting from stealth, facing only one or two opponents (depending on available CDs) and keeping it stun-locked to minimize damage makes the lack of survivability less of an issue. But rogues are still a very inferior class for solo PVE, IMO.


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