Another Gem of a PUG

Another one, hot off the press. My sister, her BF, and I are going down the roster, getting a set of frost emblems for the daily random on each of our toons. All goes well on the priest, and the mage, and run one on the pally. Then we got greedy. We decide on one more run and we’re greeted by a pair of people so rude that they must be compensating for something. The tank (I think he was one, anyway, he didn’t get up to much tanking) calls us scrubs as we’re buffing everyone up. I guess if we were a little more elite, we’d have a nice full set of badge gear from the vendor just like you, eh, buddy? Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with getting your gear from badges. I’m a big fan of the badge gear. It’s just that people who have downed all of 3 raid bosses probably shouldn’t go around running their mouths about how super elite they are just because they know where the triumph vendor is.

Granted, none of us were in fantastic gear. They’re both fresh 80s, and I have a mish-mash of mostly 200 heroic drops and 226 vendor gear. But we’re certainly geared enough to run Utgarde Keep on heroic. And all of us are talented and experienced players. We’re just not on our mains. Which, apparently, means we’re scrubs and are expected to shut up and take whatever abuse this glorious alpha male feels like piling on us. So he goes for the first pull… and keeps going, and keeps going, clearly trying to impress us with his elite tanking skills.  When he finally finishes gathering them up it soon becomes very clear that he has overpulled. Badly. His health bar is fading fast and the healer is having problems keeping up. I’m tempted to just let him die, but I don’t particularly feel like spending the whole evening corpsewalking, so I blow my Lay on Hands and pull his bacon out of the fire. It’s still close, but he doesn’t die. And there he is, exuding an aura of self-satisfaction that tells me that he doesn’t realize how much he screwed up or who it was that actually saved him from his exercise in stupidity.

On the next pull I get smacked by one of the stupid random disconnects that have been plaguing players since 3.3 came out. I sign back on and apologize, informing them that I DCed, only to find the two of them moaning about how I didn’t help on the pull. Yeah, dickwads, that’s what happens on a DC. Sorry, but I can’t dps from the log-in screen. At this point we’ve just reached the room with the dragon handlers and their pet dragons.  I see the tank running in for the pull and, BANG, I get DCed again. It sucks, I know it does, trust me, it sucks just as much for me. But I log back in as quickly as I can to find that we’ve wiped. How, you may ask? The ‘pro’ tank has run around the room, aggroing everything he can find, only to shadowmeld to dump aggro. Yeah, man, real cool. Almost as cool as the string of obscenities he’s been unleashing the entire run.  All 3 of us reported him to Blizzard. I doubt they’ll actually do anything about it, but if they do, I hope he seethes at us for every minute of whatever punishment they give him. In the meantime, I take solace in the fact that he got killed by his stunt, too, and was stupid enough to spirit rez before dropping group. Enjoy your repair bill, buddy. Petty, I know, but c’est la vie. I’m sick of sad sacks with an inferiority complex trying to compensate for their real life inadequacies by bullying people in a video game. Get over yourselves, guys: nobody is impressed.


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